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• Between June and October 2018, I was a Qualitative Research Director at IPSOS in Paris, France, where I designed and managed mixed-method cross-cultural research projects for some of the world's biggest companies and most well-known brands.

• Between January and April 2018, I led the UX research for Mr Young, a Montreal- based start-up that is one of the finalists for the IBM Watson prize. The start-up is creating an AI based chatbot therapist.

• In 2017, I was the User Experience and Digital Research resident working on a major Innovatiotn Project at Montreal's leading tech hub District 3,

• In 2016, during the global anti-UBER protests, I conducted an ethnography of UBER drivers in Montreal and over the course of 60 ride-alongs over three months, I observed the driver-experiences and conducted contextual inquiry through which I was able to identify key challenges and pain-points. This study was done as part of research for a doctoral seminar in anthropology at McGill University in Montreal. 

• Since 2015, I'm a researcher at the Global Emergent Media Lab in Montreal, actively honing my research skills and methods in digital and visual anthropology and ethnography. 


I am passionate about figuring out how to make technology more relevant and more accessible to underprivileged people and societies.

If you want to get a snapshot of my Phd research project in progress you can click HERE.

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