I am a qualitative UX Researcher with an (almost done!) interdisciplinary Phd in anthropology and film, and expertise in ethnography, localization and storytelling. 
• I currently worked as a Qualitative UX researcher at Google on the Waze team. Before that I was on the Google Assistant team.

• Previously I worked at 
IPSOS and District 3 in Montreal, where I worked on two starts-ups: MrYoung which was competing for the IBM Watson AI Prize, and developing the BoloProgram to catch Canada's Most Wanted Criminals.

• I have also conducted studies for Renault, L'Oreal, Uber Eats, Outfront Media, ManutanDoctors Without Borders and a number of clients in the healthcare industry. 

• Having lived and worked in 7 countries and conducted research in 4 languages, I have a natural empathy with users and a deep passion for creating relevant, intuitive, and scalable products and experiences.

• I am naturally curious and a creative and dynamic thinker, with training and experience in visual and sensory methods so I am inspired to understand user experiences from all dimensions.




Contextual Inquiry

Usability Testing

Diary Studies

RITE Method

Card Sorting



Focus Groups


Heuristic Evaluation

End-to-End Research

Guerrilla Testing



Remote usability testing

Survey design

Prototype testing

Agile and Lean UX

User Centered Design

Experience mapping








Check out some impactful research I've done below... 

Snapshot on Google Assistant (2019, 2020)

Outfront Media OOH Experiences (Fall 2020)

At Google, I owned the research on the personal and proactive dimensions of the Snapshot feature of the Google Assistant.

In this role I regularly ran usability studies, testing features and iterating on the improving the personalized Assistant Android experience for millions of users around the world. 

In addition to Assistant, I also co-designed and co-owned two foundational studies with cross-functional AI teams, to understand evolutions in user needs and behavior in relation to ambient computing for the first study, and mobile phone camera usage for the second.

OUTFRONT is one of the biggest vendors in the OOH space in the USA. In the fall of 2020, I designed and ran a fascinating foundational study across NYC, LA and Toronto to understand new and changing commuter behaviors over 2020, in order to identify opportunities, needs and how to best communicate with and engage commuters during their commutes. This study enabled the team to further unlock the power of digital billboards to commuters as briefly but consistently captive audiences.

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BOLO Program to catch wanted criminals (2017)

I was the UX researcher on the team behind the Innovation project that was mandated with solving the problem that Canada has 14,000 wanted criminals and the police don't have time to catch them. The solution we developed and launched is a proprietary community engagement system ... and it works! Law enforcement agencies across the USA and Canada have partnered with the program and have been successfully catching criminals thanks to the proprietary engagement tool we created!​

The process that led the team to that solution was a three phase approach I designed and ran over 9 weeks, starting with foundational research (lit reviews, expert interviews, contextual inquiry, community-based ethnography), which generated the insights that led to the ideation, prototyping and testing of 7 concepts, leading to iteration on the final concept.

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