Pictured above, an image from my Phd project in progress, mapping lesser known histories of solidarity and interconnectedness in the Global South. 

Pictured above, an image from a section of my "Visualizing Memories/Excavating The Invisible" series stemming from my Phd research on interconnected histories from the Global South (forthcoming).



Venice Premiere for Syrian War Film: an interview with Soudade Kaadan / Le Monde Diplomatique / English Edition (Sept 2018)

TIFF Review: My Love Awaits Me By The Sea / ReOrient Magazine

September 2013

“A different kind of occupation”: an interview with Elia Suleiman / Electronic Intifada (Feb, 2010)

"Palestinian cinema is a cause": Interview with Hany Abu Assad / 

The Electronic Intifada

March 7, 2010

Palestine Already Exists On Film / 

Le Monde Diplomatique / English Edition

February 2010

PhD in progress ...

I am a Phd Candidate at Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society & Culture, Concordia University, Montreal, in joint-supervision (co-tutelle) with the Department of Social Anthropology and Ethnology, Paris, France. 


At Concordia University I'm a researcher at the Global Emergent Media Lab, at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema.

I'm also part of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture.

At the EHESS, I'm a part of the IRIS - Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire research institute.

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"Competing Political Imaginaries and the Contested Image: How can we understand the past?", Public talk given as part of the Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network, November 19, 2018, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

"Transnational solidarity networks from below and the radical post-colonial: Configuring anti-imperialism, the PLO, and literary expression in Beirut during the civil war", presented at the 2nd edition of the Salons du Livre d'art des Afriques: "Actes de publication au sein du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient", October 18-21, 2018, at La Colonie, Paris, France

“Art As a Dissenting Machine” – Personalised Media and Participatory Culture Conference, 29–30 June 2017, London School of Economics, UK

"Hidden Memories: Subaltern narratives of the PLO during the Cold War", Series Speaker at the "Seminar of Palestine in the Prism of the Postcolonial," May 13, 2016, EHESS, Paris, France"

“Situating Children’s Perspectives in Palestinian Cinema” in the panel “Children in Wartime Cinema”, at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, March 2016.

”Anti-Colonial Struggle, Cinema, Legend: The Palestine Film Unit, 1967–1982”, EHESS Palestine & the Prism of the Anti-Colonial, Book In Progress, editors Bontemps, V.; Bourmaud, P.; Abu Zaki, H. (Forthcoming).

“Untold Narratives: Foreign fighters in the Lebanese Civil War” in “History Moves in Slow Motion and The Future is Speeding Towards Us: Palestinian and Israeli Visual Economies and Representational Strategies”, 2015 American Anthropology Association (AAA) annual conference, Denver, CO, Nov 2015


“South-South Solidarity in the Lebanese Civil War”, at the Middle East Studies Association Conference, Denver, CO, Nov 2015.


Public Talk: “Invisible narratives: Israeli imprisonment of Pakistani fighters in the PLO 1971-1985” for the fall seminar of the Moses Montefiori Fellow at Concordia University, Montreal, November 2015.


”A Picture Is Worth More Than A 1,000 Words: Scratching the Surface of Palestinian History”, Re-Originality: Concordia's Annual Interdisciplinary Humanities Conference 2015, Montreal, March 2015.


”The Translatability of Language, Themes and Aesthetics of Resistance in Films of the ‘Palestinian New Wave”, 2011 Middle East Studies Association conference, Washington, DC, December 2011.

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