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Presentation: "What is in an image?" at the University of Montreal, March 2017

Colloquium Presentation: Sabah Haider will present paper entitled: "What is in an image? How can in image be understood without text" at the University of Montreal conference "Conceptualising Violence: An Exploration of its Representations and Dynamics" — the XXIV International interdisciplinary colloquium of the Graduate Students association of the Department of History at the University of Montreal, being held from March 29 to March 31 at the Pavillon Lionel-Groulx at l’Université de Montréal (3150 Jean-Brillant street) in room 1017-2. Haider's paper will be on the panel "Popular Culture and Representation" on March 3Oth. To see a full schedule of the conference please click here.

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