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The Legend of Ruby Pasha to Screen at London's Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival

The Legend of Ruby Pasha will be screening at London's "Aperture: Asia & Pacific Film Festival", on Friday, June 29, 2018, as part of the Aperture Shorts Program 1: Women in the Frame.

The screening will be held at the Horse Hospital arts and cultural space. Tickets can be booked at by clicking here.

Aperture Shorts I: Women in the Frame

Doors 6.30PM, Programme Starts 7PM, Tickets £5 in advance

A selection of films by and about women

ME THEY AND DADDY (Salome Vepkhvadze, Georgia 2016, 17 mins)

3 YEAR 3 MONTH RETREAT (Dechen Roder, Bhutan 2015, 20 min)

RED APPLES (George Sikharulidze, Armenia/US 2016, 15 mins)

THE LEGEND OF RUBY PASHA (Sabah Haider, Lebanon/Canada 2017, 15 mins)

ADULTS DON’T SAY SORRY (Linh Duong, Vietnam 2016, 14 mins)

Total running time: 81 Minutes

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