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Global Panel Talk at Giant Steps 2017

Haider to join Global Panel at Giant Steps, Oct 27th in Minneapolis!

Each year at #giantstepsmn, we have one panel with creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives around the world. We're honored to have Sabah Haider of Montreal/Paris/Beirut amongst our global panelists this year.

Join us on October 27th (Friday) at Giant Steps to hear from Sabah and 25+ other creative, talented #pathforgers.

Giant Steps features interactive, large-group sessions with stories and insights from some of our amazing contributors, as well as lots of Q&A. It will also include smaller interactive workshops and panels on focused, practical topics delivered by practitioners and subject matter experts.

In each panel, we combine entrepreneurs and artists to share their insights and experiences. This is a key aspect of Giant Steps. We believe we’ll learn more and learn faster if we cast a wider net–connecting with and learning from folks beyond our current discipline or industry.

By creating conversations around interesting examples and challenges we all share, we set the stage for cross-pollination and future collaborations. You’ll also see we truly are kindred spirits–working hard to blaze new trails in the arts and business in creative ways.

The interactive workshops will equip you with ideas and tools for making smarter decisions, help you find better ways to manage the day-to-day realities, and answer some of your nuts-and-bolts questions.

For more information visit:

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