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"Excavating the Invisible: Mapping Subaltern Solidarity" in Global Emergent Media LabWIP S

Employing the digital tools used in spatial history, such as GIS and geospatial mapping, to produce new understandings of conflicts, transnational participation and political movements, Sabah's project asks: what does it mean to map the subaltern? Through extensive fieldwork in Lebanon and Pakistan over two years, she gathered a collection of subaltern testimonies and multi-modal evidence that contributes new material to transnational explorations of the Palestinian armed struggle. The presentation will introduce the theory and intersecting methodological approaches used in the project, and will screen segments of testimonies and other visual material from her project.

"Excavating the Invisible: Mapping Subaltern Solidarity" as part of the WIP series of the Global Emergent Media Lab"

November 28 @ 5pm

Concordia University

Faubourg Building

Global Emergent Media Lab

(Room FB 630)

1250 Rue Guy


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